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BGreen Hangers are the Earth Friendly answer to your clothes hanging needs. We have a large selection of cool Eco Friendly Birch and Bamboo Hangers. Choose from the popular Traditional Style for a classic look or the stylish Swoopie Style in Sustainable Birch for a contemporary look. All of our hangers are top quality 'A' Grade, not seconds. We also have a large selection of Childrens Hangers for your baby's closet. Whether you need 1000 hangers to do a whole retail store or just 25 hangers to green out your closet, BGreen Hangers has just what you need. Order Now

Sustainable Hangers

What makes our Hangers Green...

BGreen Hangers began when we tried to find a sustainable substitute for the throw away hangers that are found everywhere. Our Bamboo Hangers are stylish, high quality and functional. Our line of Birch Swoopie Style Hangers are made from fast growing Birchwood. Our Sustainable Hangers are finished in Low VOC Waterborne finishes and have Powder Coated Hardware. If you live near the ocean, you'll appreciate the NO-CHROME hook. The Amber colored Bamboo hangers are made without stains by heating the bamboo which caramelizes the fibers. The color goes all the way through the material. Both Birch and Bamboo are fast growing and strong, making ideal materials for hangers.



Let's Plant a tree...

Even though we only use highly sustainable materials like Birch and Bamboo for our hangers, we believe that we need to keep ahead of the curve. BGreen Hangers works with American Forest's Global ReLeaf program to plant a tree for every box of hangers we sell. The goal is give mother nature a little bit back.


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BGreen Hangers can brand hangers to give you maximum exposure on the rack. Contact us for details about pricing and quantities. CLICK here for more info.